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Paper Tiger – Hổ giấy

paper tiger nghia la gi

Paper Tiger là một cụm từ gốc gác đến từ chủ tịch Mao Trạch Đông của Trung Quốc. Ông từng nói:

“Chủ nghĩa đế quốc chỉ là con hổ giấy.”

Chủ tịch Mao dùng cụm từ này để mô tả các địch thủ của ông, đặc biệt là Mỹ.

Paper Tiger, hổ giấy, bề ngoài thì dữ tợn, hung bạo, nhưng thực tế chỉ là mớ giấy lộn dễ rách, dễ hỏng, và không làm hại được ai.

Paper Tiger mô tả một người, hoặc một thứ gì đó, có vẻ đáng sợ, có vẻ ghê gớm, nhưng thực ra rất yếu kém, rất dễ đổ vỡ nếu gặp phản kháng.

Một vài ví dụ kèm ngữ cảnh

Sau đây là một số ví dụ kèm theo ngữ cảnh về cách dùng cụm từ Paper Tiger trong tiếng Anh. Chúc các bạn học tốt.

Military and Politics:

After months of threats, the rogue nation’s military was revealed to be a paper tiger when it quickly capitulated to international pressure.

The dictator’s grand speeches made him seem invincible, but the swift rebellion showed he was just a paper tiger.


Many believed the startup was a major competitor, but when their sales numbers came out, they were exposed as a paper tiger.

The company’s aggressive marketing campaign made them seem like a dominant force in the industry, but their poor product quality revealed them to be a paper tiger.


The team had an undefeated record going into the playoffs, but their reliance on weak opponents made them a paper tiger in the face of stronger competition.

She talked a big game before the match, but her performance showed she was nothing more than a paper tiger.

Personal Relationships:

Mark always boasted about his fighting skills, but when confronted, he proved to be a paper tiger.

Jenny’s threats were intimidating at first, but everyone soon realized she was a paper tiger and rarely followed through with her claims.


The film was hyped as the scariest of the year, but for seasoned horror fans, it was a paper tiger with predictable jump scares.

Critics hailed the new band as the next big thing, but their live performances showed they were just a paper tiger.


The software promised to revolutionize the industry, but its numerous bugs and lack of key features made it a paper tiger in the market.

The new antivirus software was marketed as the ultimate protection against all threats, but after failing to detect several common viruses, it was clear it was just a paper tiger.

Những ví dụ trên minh họa cách dùng cụm từ paper tiger để mô tả những đối tượng thuộc nhiều lĩnh vực, bề ngoài ghê gớm nhưng thực ra rất yếu kém tự bản chất.

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